Cisco U.

What is Cisco U?

Cisco U. is the learning source for tech. With courses and tailored content for Cisco products and beyond, it’s a community for learners and creators and a trusted resource for organizations and leaders.

• Built for learners
• Skill assessments
• Modular Learning Paths
• Advanced search
• Personal recommendations
• Content on adjacent technologies
• Subscribe by redeeming Cisco Learning Credits

Get the most ROI from your Cisco investment

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Improve retention by investing in their professional development

Drive Faster Business Outcomes

By providing in-depth training for your team

Increase Technical Agility

Reduce downtime with moment-of-need learning.

Maximize Your Training Experience

With content from Cisco and Cisco-adjacent technologies.

Redeem Cisco Learning Credits

To pay for your subscription.

Cisco U. Features & Pricing

All Access

No cost



18 Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)



60 Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

Personalized skills management

Training recommendation engine

Learner profile

Progress tracking

Digital badge management via Credly

Technical skills assessments

Technical and certification digital communities

Continuing Education (CE) credits

Essential self-paced hands-on labs

All self-paced hands-on labs





IT domain fundamentals Learning Paths

Multi-vendor technology training

Professional and soft skills development

Associate-level certification Learning Paths

Professional-level certification Learning Paths

Cisco product Learning Paths

Cisco solution Learning Paths


A Learning Path is a curated set of material that allows you to move through a topic at your own pace. Assessments are sprinkled throughout so that you can test your knowledge as you go.   

Cisco U. Learning Paths display the estimated amount of time per learning track to help the learner determine the time it will take to complete their learning goals. Pre-assessments help the learner evaluate their level of knowledge and skip a section to expedite their learning. Post-assessments help the learner determine their proficiency in a subject and whether they need to retake a section. Total completion time depends on many factors, such as the individual learner, assessment results, and the type of content. 

Users can navigate to the Explore section on Cisco U., which  shows available content for Learning Paths, courses, events and webinars, podcasts, videos, and tutorials. 

Cisco U. is an all-inclusive online learning experience, and CDL is a subscription of digital learning courses. 

Yes, current CDL subscribers will have access to Cisco U.

Please note: If you started a course in CDL, make sure you complete that course in CDL as your progress will not transfer over to Cisco U.

Yes, you can earn Continuing Education credits after general availability.