Skyline ATS Awarded Cisco’s Global Training Partner of the Year 2010

January 2011

Skyline Advanced Technology Services has been a Cisco Certified Learning Partner since 1998, and has maintained a leading-edge philosophy for delivering Cisco training to a wide range of partners, end users, and Cisco technical and sales personnel.

Cisco’s Global Training Partner of the Year honor is awarded to partners with consideration of their total accomplishments. We at Skyline pride ourselves on the multi-faceted services we offer to our customers. Over the last several years, Skyline has collaborated with Cisco Systems to develop numerous Cisco Certified courses, covering a wide range of technologies. Skyline’s roots are essentially grounded in classroom-based training however we have advanced our focus and have driven innovation for a number of Distance Learning initiatives as well.

As a CLSP, Skyline-ATS utilizes a highly developed strategy in creating and delivering curriculum for all Cisco products and technologies. We have implemented the framework, necessary, to continually meet the requirements of our curriculum development activities and support our training customers, in terms of readiness, lab equipment, and the number of personnel required to deliver for all schedules and commitments.

Thank you to our loyal customer base and Cisco Systems for making this possible. Skyline-ATS is proud to have been honored with the Global Training Partner of the Year 2010 award.

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