Educational Services

Custom Learning Solutions

Technologies of all types are evolving at increasingly accelerated rates. We can no longer assume that employees can or will be able to adapt the information or knowledge they have about a specific technology, and be able to apply it to newer technologies. Why not use Skyline’s education experts to create a training program that gives you a competitive advantage and delivers a big payoff compared to the investment?

Curriculum Development

Custom Curriculum to Meet Today’s Challenges

Today’s highly volatile, ever-changing workplace demands more from employees than ever before.

Let us create custom curriculum to meet your employee’s need for continued growth. Proficient in developing curriculum for Instructor Led Training, Skyline will create a course suited for onsite delivery and/or remote delivery (through Cisco WebEx or Videoconferencing). Examples include:

  • Certification Training
  • Product Training
  • Sales Enablement
  • Product Adoption
  • End-User Training
  • Customized Training

eLearning Development

Not the eLearning of the Past

Skyline eLearning materials are very effective, well designed, are participative, and have a variety of different media e.g. videos, games, puzzles, quizzes etc. and challenges the learner. eLearning is rapidly growing in popularity. The benefits most people associate with eLearning when compared to conventional training are:

  • The lower costs to train large groups of people
  • The quicker potential pace of delivery
  • The lower environmental impact due to less printing and travel for learners
  • Consistent delivery

Skyline can customize an eLearning regimen to optimize learning for the student, whether that be an employee, customer or business partner. Contact us today for more information.