Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch)

Expand visibility across your network in a smarter, faster way.

Your network security matters.

Cisco’s industry-leading “smart” agentless solution gives you a powerful tool for protecting your network against cybersecurity threats. Respond to emerging threats quickly while protecting your most valuable asset – your network data.

Learn why Cisco Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch) is right for you and your growing business and how Skyline ATS can help.

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security metrics

Comprehensive visibility and analytics including high-fidelity alerts with user data, location, timestamp, and more.

Fast Response

Detect malware and insider threats quickly using Secure Network Analytics advanced analytics. 

Smart Segmentation

Ensure network compliance with  custom alerts for unauthorized access or suspicious entry points. 

Cloud Solution

Extend your visibility across the Cloud with Secure Cloud Analytics (Stealthwatch Cloud) – a SaaS-based solution. 

Our Stealthwatch Training Courses

Give your teams the confidence they need in implementing and applying the Cisco Network Secure Analytics security solution with our Cisco Stealthwatch training courses. From foundational basics to complex configurations, we provide training for every security role.

* Receive Cisco Stealthwatch Foundations course for free with any Stealthwatch training purchase below. View Course.

2 Days | $3,000

Cisco Stealthwatch Tuning

This course focuses on understanding the tuning process in the Cisco Stealthwatch system, to gaining visibility across your enterprise and detect actionable threats.

2 Days | $3,000

Cisco Stealthwatch for Security

This course focuses on using the Cisco Stealthwatch system from the perspective of a security analyst. Explore best practices, pattern recognition, and more.

2 Days | $3,000

Cisco Stealthwatch for Network Operations

This course focuses on configuring the Cisco Stealthwatch system to monitor your network’s health and provides workflows to common network issues.

2 Days | $3,000

Cisco Stealthwatch for System Administrators

This course focuses on a step-by-step framework for completing initial configuration tasks and getting Cisco Stealthwatch System up and running on your network.

3 Hours | $500

Our Training Workshops

Need to take a deeper dive? Our hands-on, interactive workshops focus on specific use cases for Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise.

Each workshop is designed to help you quickly identify and investigate common threats including providing effective workflows so you can fully understand the breadth of Stealthwatch’s capabilities.

Accelerate your deployment
Stealthwatch Training Subscriptions

A Cisco Secure Network Analytics training subscription is a comprehensive and flexible learning program that includes 12-months of the following:

Interactive, hands-on lab course for Stealthwatch function-based roles: System Administrators, Security Operations, Network Operations, Function-Based Tuning.

Deep dive into specific use Stealthwatch cases and solutions through lab and hands-on activities.

Learning Advisors will provide personal education planning and continuous enablement through your Stealthwatch journey.

As roles change or employees leave the organization, the subscription offers turnover protection for 12-months, which means any “unused” portion of the subscription can be transferred to another user prior to the expiration date.

Terms and conditions apply.

What's Included:

* Subscription only allows the customer to attend an individual course and workshop once during the subscription period.  No retakes allowed.

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Free Trials

Test drive Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) and Secure Cloud Analytics (Stealthwatch Cloud) at no cost to you and experience for yourself how easily these security solutions scale for your growing business and network needs.

Experience the value of a Cisco in your own environment by signing up for your free trial today.

2 weeks

Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Receive expanded visibility plus smart security analytics in this 14-Day free trial.

2 Months

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

Cloud-based security with no software or hardware installation required. 

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