Optimizing the SMARTnet Program

When renewing a SMARTnet contract with Skyline, you get a dedicated team to helping you in all aspects of administering and maintaining your SMARTnet service contracts.

With our fifteen years of Cisco SMARTnet experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive program to address all your SMARTnet needs taking the pain out of contract management and allowing you the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Our most popular SMARTnet services include:

  • Management of all CCO IDs and contract access using Cisco’s “Service Access Management Tool”: This can also be individualized by categories if required
  • Comprehensive asset management
  • Moves, adds and changes for any device, any contract, any site
  • Managing and consolidating contract numbers, to allow you one contract number per service type
  • Coterminous coverage on all new devices
  • Technology refresh options and upgrades
  • Multi-Year renewal options
  • Ability to earn Training credits for Cisco certified Training on your SMARTnet renewals
  • Utilizing Cisco Capital to finance multi-year SMARTnet renewals